Considering Sightlines and Sound Quality in Choosing Theater and Cinema Seats

Considering Sightlines and Sound Quality in Choosing Theater and Cinema Seats

The high ticket prices in theaters usually suggest that they’re the best seats in the house. When it comes to movie houses, people line up during premiere nights to be first on the middle and center seats.

Architects, designers, and industry experts like use different concepts to improve the entertainment experience of patrons. Whether it’s in the installation of tiered seating systems or in designing the stadium seating plan, they offer a smart approach to spectator seats.

Here are some things you can learn from them as a spectator.

Seeing Everything on Stage

The sightline is the unobstructed line of sight between a spectator and an object of interest. This concept is an essential tool used by architects and designers. As an audience member, make sure that your sightlines enable you to see all four corners of the stage. You should also be free of visual obstructions like walls, railings, columns, and speakers. This is usually the case for box seats which are often mistaken for being good theater seats.

On the other hand, orchestra seats are usually the most wanted. You get to see the orchestra in action while having a full detailed view of the performers’ energy and passion. But because these are the lowest row of seats in the house, patrons are forced to adjust their vertical view by raising their necks or moving in their place. This is more apparent when the orchestra seats are lower than an elevated stage.

Sitting where you have a panoramic view of the stage at a comfortable vertical line of sight is the best way to enjoy a theatrical show. So when you’re going to see a show heavy on ensemble performances like Les Miserables and Hairspray, make sure that you can see everything because you don’t want to miss a thing.

Putting High Value in Movie SFX

Movie houses tell a different story, and sometimes it can go down to personal preference. The aisle seats help frequent bathroom goers while the dreaded front row is a haven for full-fledged cinephiles.

Today’s cinemas are designed stadium-style, so every seat is passable when it comes to sightlines and vertical line of sight. But industry experts pointed out a concept that is often overlooked when it comes to properly enjoying a movie, and that is sound quality.

Secret’s out that movie house sound technicians recommend sitting about one-half to two-thirds away from the screen. The reason? It is where they usually evaluate the film’s sound and balance it. This is the row where the sound is perfect.

Entertainment consumption has a fascinating science behind it, and knowing its secrets can upgrade your viewing experience. But at the end of the day, one should enjoy entertainment whichever way he or she feels is comfortable.