How to Decorate Your New Office

How to Decorate Your New Office

So you’ve moved into your new office, and you’re allowed to decorate it as you please. Here are a few tips to create a lively and comfortable workplace while keeping the professional tone in place.

Get the right furniture and accessories

Perhaps this is the easiest step in the decorating process. All you have to do is pick and order the office furniture you need online. Everything will be delivered right to your office’s doorstep and assembled on the spot, too.

Fill your workspace with timeless pieces that are both stylish and functional such as a glass top work desk, a wooden filing drawer that can double as a console, and a nice looking desk chair. Add a desk lamp for additional lighting and some stationery holders to keep things in place on your desk.

Plan your storage and workspace

Maximize your office space by creating separate sections for your work and storage requirements. Create more storage by installing floating shelves on one wall. Have separate areas for storing supplies and documents, so you know where to find each one when you need it.

Set the tone with colors

Neutral colors are easy to work with and keep the professional mood of the space. To create a livelier look, incorporate your company’s brand of colors into the scheme, along with other combination colors. It does not have to be an entire wall but it can be in the form of accent pieces like paintings or file boxes to keep it clean and simple.

Finally, bring a little bit of nature into your space. Plants lend a calmer, softer feel to the area and help purify the air, too. There are lots of low maintenance indoor plants that only need to be watered once or twice a week and don’t need a lot of sunlight so they’ll grow just fine in a cozy corner in the room.