These Situations Call for Professional Tree Removal Services

These Situations Call for Professional Tree Removal Services

If you have cut a tree in your home, there must be a stump left. Removing a tree stump can be difficult because it requires a professional with specialised machinery. Even though you can remove them on your own, certain situations call for professional stump grinding services in Tauranga such as Tree Fellers.

Signs You Need Professional Tree Removal:

New growth from the tree stump

Is the tree stump in your home growing again? A fresh tree is capable of growing from a tree stump. If you don’t look for an expert to remove it, you may have to pay extra in the future for another tree removal.

When the tree becomes an obstruction

Obstacles from tree stumps are dangerous, especially if you have children in your home. It might hurt them or even an adult when walking in the dark at night. The obstacle also spoils the look of your home, and you, therefore, need to get rid of it.

When pests start arriving in your home

Some tree stumps may decompose and attract different pests like ants, flies, and termites. If you don’t treat the stump, your home is likely to have many insects which might expose you to health problems.

When you have numerous stumps

You might be fond of the DIY method of cutting trees. You might end up having many tree stumps which make a home unattractive. In this case, you will need professional help to get rid of all the tree stumps.

Tree Removal Mistakes Homeowners Make

Cutting the top of a tree

When a tree becomes very tall, some people think that cutting the top will solve the problem. While this might resolve your current issues, it will lead to other issues. It might cause the tree to grow bigger than before and worsen your problems.

Cutting incorrect places of the tree

Most tree experts know the right places to cut when pruning. They understand that the collar of a branch of a tree is not supposed to be cut while shoots can often be pruned. If you are not an expert, you might end up cutting in the wrong places.

Trimming trees during the wrong season

Trees should be pruned at the right time of the year. Some homeowners prune their trees anytime they want, but professionals warn against this. Always prune trees before the sprouting of buds during fall or early spring.

Getting rid of tree stumps is essential for the safety and appearance of your home. Remove your tree stumps with professional assistance to avoid future problems.