Adorable Ideas That Will Make for the Best Wedding Photos

Adorable Ideas That Will Make for the Best Wedding Photos

Your wedding is an action-packed spectacle. There are a lot of moments filled with color and movement that your videographer and photographer can capture. Help them out by giving them lots to capture with props and beautiful decors. After hiring the services of event rentals in St. Paul, MN, here are cute ideas you can integrate on your wedding day.

Inflatable Beach Balls

Are you planning a beach wedding? Inflatable beach balls are perfect for your send-off into the married life. You can choose either rainbow beach balls or solid colors. One thing’s for sure, though — everyone will enjoy tossing these around. Apart from increasing excitement and enjoyment among your guests, your photographer will have a great time capturing these precious moments.

Paper Planes

For couples who love to travel, work in the travel industry or met on a plane, paper planes can be an adorable metaphor for your relationship. Remember when you were a child and it took some effort to make the perfect paper plane? Your guests will surely have a playful time trying as well.


Sparklers have always been a send-off favorite. They add a dimension to evening wedding photos. After a night of partying with your loved ones, sparklers are a great way to show your gratitude. While at the same time, it is a picture-perfect moment to mark the start of a new chapter.


Mix up traditional rice send-off with glitter, paper or everything. Imagine the stunning photos that will come out of walking under a waterfall of colorful, sparking confetti. With this, your photographer will surely enjoy the different angles, perspectives and colors it offers.

You can make your wedding one of the most interactive and fun events your guests will attend in a while. All of your close friends and loved ones will be able to get involved. They will all have smiles plastered on their faces for your photographers and videographers to capture.