Long Term Travel: How to Make Sure You Are Covered

Long Term Travel: How to Make Sure You Are Covered

Australians are no strangers to long-term travel. In fact, in 2012, 372,000 Aussies were documented to have travelled long-term to other parts of the world. This endeavour is nerve-racking yet fulfilling. Since it can last from six months to two years or even more, it’s only right to be prepared in every way, from taking care of your finances to organising your trip.

But there’s more to the preparation than being financially capable and vacating your schedule for a stress-free trip. Here are other ways to ensure that your long-term journey becomes memorable.

Organise your stuff

If you live in Brisbane and plan to sell your property, you might have valuable items such as an antique table or a vintage jukebox that you still want to keep. Before you leave, make sure that they get a temporary home. Australian Mobile Storage recommends that you consider self-storage areas in Brisbane for your items to be safe and secure. Storing your items will also come in handy when you come back after your travels because you can always sell them to gain back the money you had spent.

Start living healthy

Travelling long-term is not just about having fun. You need to be healthy as you explore places, trek mountains or stay in remote areas. Visit your doctor before you leave and ask for advice to prevent diseases such as malaria and dengue. If you’re travelling to third world countries, it’s also best to bring the right medicine as access to what you need for your health may be limited.

Talk to your loved ones about your trip

For the sake of safety, remember to tell your loved ones about your trip even if you’re not following a schedule. It’s also healthy to talk about your planned travel to your trusted circle because you might get valuable information that will spice up your adventure.