Security Threats During Gas and Oil Installations

Security Threats During Gas and Oil Installations

Invading offshore gas and oil installations is not really a new anomaly. In fact, the first invasion on an offshore oil installation happened over a century ago in August 1899 off the coast of Santa Barbara in California.

About 25 years after that, nearly 50 security incidents and attacks concerning offshore installations occurred, which calls for the need for improved oil rig security. Numerous culprits with countless capabilities, techniques, objectives, and motivations were responsible.

Offshore security threats pose a risk to operations of oil and gas installations. These include any attempt to interfere with the operations of oil and gas facilities or damage any property in within the vicinity.

Organized Crime

Organized crime can obstruct offshore gas and oil operations. The types of crimes that have significance to the gas and oil industry include theft of property, oil theft, armed robbery, extortion, cyber-attacks, and other methods of criminal exploiting.


This act includes destroying facilities, systems, support equipment, infrastructure, and cargo. This type of threat consists of violent responses to animal rights and radical environmental groups. Moreover, anything done by the public to cause destruction to company property also falls under this category.

Internal Sabotage

Internal sabotage is considered a possible security threat. Sabotage happens when disgruntled staff deliberately destroys, damages, or disrupts equipment. This type of threat emanates from ‘insiders’, such as former and current employees of offshore service providers, contractors, oil companies, as well as trusted individuals connected to the offshore gas and oil industry.

Oil companies have to overcome various security threats and these will depend on the region or country they operate in. Those who operate in politically and economically unstable nations, as well as those in countries with an armed conflict or civil unrest, are more susceptible to attacks.