Preparing your Home for Air Conditioning Installation

Preparing your Home for Air Conditioning Installation

AC unitFor those living in a hot climate, having an air conditioner can increase your quality of life. Before hiring the installers and the air conditioning services in Sydney, however, make sure you do the following:

Clean up and seal ducts

It’s not a wise choice to merge your brand new AC unit with an old duct system caked up in dust and dirt. After all, the well-being of the entire system and the quality of air in your home starts off with your ducts delivering clean air. Therefore, clean and seal your duct system before installing your unit to avoid problems later on.

Calculate heating and cooling loads

Conduct a load heating and cooling calculation ahead of the installation of a new system. The standard way of calculating is by using the Manual-J protocol. This calculation takes into account the location, structural strength, and unit size to determine the best AC for you. Doing so ensures that you get the most efficient cooling system for your home. Make sure you ask your HVAC contractor the load calculation and have it explained in detail.

Path Clearance

Clear the indoor and outdoor areas to make the installation as smooth as possible. Clear the space of any debris to avoid slips and falls. Additionally, lock up your pets and ensure that your children and their toys stay away from the area once the installation crew comes.

Installing an air conditioner can be a lot of work. Make sure it goes quickly and efficiently by doing the abovementioned steps. Doing so will mean you’d get that refreshing cool air blowing through your home as fast as possible.