The Holes in Your Home Security You Should Address ASAP

The Holes in Your Home Security You Should Address ASAP

House door lock being tamperedHome invasion can happen to anyone. And the shocking statistics back this up, with reports showing that in 2014, a form of property crime occurred every 3.8 seconds. Burglary, specifically, occurred every 18.2 seconds.

With these crimes being so common and traumatizing, it’s important that you do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from such violating experiences. However, having a top-notch home security system won’t do you any good when you don’t eliminate the following security flaws.

Forgetting to maintain your home alarm system.

The sad and unfortunate truth is many homeowners fail to understand just how crucial maintenance of their home alarm systems is. They forget to have it routinely checked and serviced, even with a bright maintenance light. Some also forget that they have battery-powered alarms, thinking that it still runs properly, when in fact, it has run out of juice.

As part of your home maintenance policies, have every component of your security system regularly checked and assessed professionally. Also, replace your alarm battery as needed, or as the manufacturer recommends.

Thinking burglars won’t go through the upper floor windows.

Just because they’re on the upper floors doesn’t automatically mean home invaders won’t use them to gain unauthorized access to your home. What you should do instead, is always to assume these criminals will always try to find a way inside. So if they see even just a slightly open window on the upper floor, they will look for a means to get to it.

So before heading off to bed or going out, secure all the windows and make sure that burglars can’t use anything to help them climb to the second story of your house. Also, have faulty window latches replaced, or better yet, have the entire old and malfunctioning windows replaced with new ones. These aren’t just better crime-deterrents; they also have a higher energy-efficiency rating too.