Why You Should Choose Asphalt for Your Driveway

Construction of asphalt drivewayAlthough ignored most of the time, your driveway is actually the face of your home’s exterior. It is what everybody sees first when they go to your house.

Driveway contractors in Auckland such as Auckland Asphalt Repairs highly recommend that you choose asphalt for the construction of your driveway. They say that with asphalt, you can be sure to have a well laid-out and attractive driveway.

1. Climate-friendly

People residing in the North Island can attest to how difficult a driveway can get during the cold months. However, with its pliable characteristics, asphalt can survive unpredictable weather conditions. The black nature of asphalt also allows it to absorb heat from the sun easily, helping snow to melt away faster.

2. Cost-effective

Aside from making your driveway look great, installation of asphalt is relatively affordable. To keep it in good condition, it only needs regular maintenance. Asphalt can last up to 20 years, depending on climate, usage and upkeep.

If you notice any crack on the asphalt, it is wise to contact driveway contractors for its immediate sealing. Crack sealing and filling are both easy and cost-effective.

3. Minimal time to install

It takes a relatively short amount of time to lay down asphalt on your driveway, especially when done by a professional. It usually takes only a day or two after the sub-grade preparation, which can take also only a day. Asphalt dries quickly, so you can already use your driveway almost immediately after asphalt has been installed, causing you very little inconvenience.

Aside from these factors, asphalt also increases the appeal of your home’s exterior. Its sleek black colour, durability and versatility are just some of what makes it popular among homeowners.