Building a Robust Social Media Strategy for Franchise Brands

Building a Robust Social Media Strategy for Franchise Brands

The twin rise of smartphone and social media use has profoundly affected the lives of consumers and shaken up the online marketing landscape. It has created endless ways to communicate with different businesses like salons, restaurants, and fitness centers. Business owners, therefore, need to find ways to take advantage of the social tools at their disposal.

Leveraging Social Media to Grow Their Franchise

Some of the most successful franchise owners have consistently attracted new customers to their business by building incredibly dedicated online communities. By leveraging their social media channels, business owners can grow their franchise business and take advantage of several benefits, including:

  • Expanding customer reach
  • Establishing a community of repeat customers
  • Increasing customers by improving mobile search rankings
  • Receiving instant feedback from consumers and improve them in real-time

Unlike other stand-alone brands, operating a social media presence is different for franchisors. In fact, it comes with the challenge of competing with multiple stakeholders, audiences, and locations.

What Makes Social Media for Franchisors Different?

An illustration of a hashtagThe main difference between parent companies and franchises is that the former manages all its business locations, while a franchisor simply licenses other entrepreneurs to use their name and brand in a remotely owned and operated branch.

Since separate entities run the day-to-day management of franchised operations, it results in a more complex content creation process for the central franchisor. Apart from creating content for each social media channel, they also need to produce content for every branch of their franchise.

Devising a Killer Franchise Social Media Marketing Strategy

By identifying social goals and creating customer personas, businesses can create tailored content that will more likely resonate with their audience. This involves taking extra parameters into account, such as brand guidelines and requirements, general marketing strategies, budgets, and consumer interactions, at all levels.

Getting the best results calls for practicing some simple marketing practices:

Know your target audience. Incorporating local knowledge—community demographics, local customer habits, and local weather, etc. —makes it easier to reach out to potential franchisees and customers. Additionally, it allows you to select the appropriate platform to post on, as well as the time and frequency. So, conduct a basic audit of common customers to improve sales in your local community.

Aggregated social listening. Monitoring social channels is just as important as posting on them. Listening to client feedback can significantly improve your business, in fact. By monitoring and responding swiftly to customer responses, you can earn favor among potential customers at the critical moment of purchasing intent. That way, you can convert customers quickly and proactively.

Engage, don’t sell. When it comes to captivating and connecting with customers, it is crucial that you expand the focus of your content beyond purely promotional posts. Try to make your content as interactive and insightful as possible to give clients a reason to trust your outreach, share your posts, and engage with your brand.

The end goal of social media marketing for franchisors is to provide a unified and positive customer experience. Along with the right organizational tools and marketing policies, franchise consulting services from Accurate Franchising can help business owners market their franchise the right way.