The Future Workplace: Holistic Environment, Personalised Learning and a Sense of Belonging

The Future Workplace: Holistic Environment, Personalised Learning and a Sense of Belonging

A workplace that promotes the well-being of its employees is necessary for 21st-century businesses. A staff member that feels safe and supported — thanks to the accessible, comfortable and welcoming environment — is more likely to stay and perform better.

Corporate wellness, however, should not stop at just providing employees with health insurance. Applying a more holistic approach to culture and office design offers positive results such as increased employee participation, less absenteeism, and better productivity. Take a cue from this future workplace in Paya Lebar that seems to be headed in the right direction.

Everything They Need

Employers should always provide the staff with a safe and healthy environment. Workplace considerations include temperature, ventilation, cleanliness, lighting, room dimensions, seating and workstations.

Consider your office location, too. A holistic work environment also includes access to quality retail, a selection of dining spots, and parks along with wellness facilities and infrastructure. These features combined can create workplaces that put people first.

The design of Paya Lebar Quarter, for instance, exemplifies the future of workspaces that integrate entertainment and leisure experiences with the workplace.

Personalised Learning is Better

But go beyond the workspace as well and focus on the worker individuality.

Employees appreciate it when top-level management acknowledges their unique goals and characteristics. Each staff member has a different desire, skill, and competency.

Instead of applying a general learning method, applying a personalised learning road map helps employees maximise their potential. This approach promotes an optimal level performance according to each worker’s capabilities.

A Sense of Belonging

Staff members that feel connected with the workplace fulfil their basic need to belong. Feeling useful generates positive emotions that strengthen their commitment to the organisation and to its mission and vision.

In today’s mobile dependent world, work strategies should be crafted in a way that it encourages employees to still have meaningful connections.

Incorporate the following elements to build a workplace that promotes a sense of belonging:

  • Well-equipped spaces that promote individual or team work
  • Comfortable, informal areas for socialisation
  • Welcoming entrances for part-time workers

holistic office culture convinces employees to stay and maximise their potential. Invest in these today to retain more valuable, productive employees.