Nail Meets Art: Fall/Winter 2017 Manicure Trends for Working Women

Nail Meets Art: Fall/Winter 2017 Manicure Trends for Working Women

Looking great makes you feel great and feeling great means, you are motivated to do your job better. This applies to all working women, whether you’ve been in your industry for years or are just starting out straight from university.

Looking and feeling great, however, do not only refer to the way you dress up and style your hair. Many people neglect nail care but it is a massive boost to one’s confidence.

Great nails mean something nice to look at every now and then while you’re typing away at your computer. They also make you look more presentable to clients and business partners with whom you shake hands before a meeting.

These manicure trends will boost your confidence and get you readier than ever to face work responsibilities in the busy months of fall/winter 2017.

Nude Never Goes Out of Style

Whoever said nude nail polish is boring probably hasn’t found the right shade for their skin tone yet.

Nude is classy and chic. It is perfect for working women who want to look their best without going over the top—an understated sort of elegance, you could say. It will never really go out of style; the only thing you need worry about is finding the right shade to match your skin tone.

Nude-painted nails are a tricky subject. The perfect nude color depends on your skin tone. For this reason, don’t be afraid to experiment with nude shades and ask your nail spa attendant to help you determine which best complements your hands.

Alternatively, you may go for creamy white nails. They are easy on the eyes, a sharp contrast from the usual stark white polish, making them ideal for winter.

Dark and Daring Nails Contribute to Your Overall Poise

Watch your dark and daring nails build up your poise, making you look calm and collected at all times.

There may have been a time when people looked upon dark nail polish as only for the goth, emo, and punk kids. Career women, however, have started adopting darkly painted nails to influence their overall image of authority in the workplace.

Black nail polish is a go-to trend for women who want to look poised and powerful when shaking hands with potential business partners and clients. You don’t have to stick to an all-black style, though. You may use black polish as a base for other dark hues and details.

With that said, you may experiment with other dark colors such as chocolate brown, raisin red, eggplant violet, and midnight blue. These colors may have a faintly sinister effect, but they will do wonders when you want to look strong and sophisticated as you face work responsibilities.

On another note, you may settle for tamer neutral colors such as greige—a mixture of beige and gray—for a slightly-nude, slightly-dark look.

The Modern French Manicure Is Regally Attractive

French manicures have gone a long way from the quintessential pink and white.

A modern French manicure will amplify your regal bearing without looking predictable or diminutive. Today’s trends have combined the traditional manicure trend with bold colors, making your nails look more attractive and sophisticated than ever.

For fall/winter 2017, consider using nail polish colors that complementthe everyday coat that keeps you warm on the way to work and back home. You may also use colors that match your favorite work shoes or handbag to make the details really pop.

Regardless of the nail trend you want to try, Marilyn Monroe Spas features a vibrant atmosphere where working women can go for a quick nail touch-up. Simply fill out the online form to book an appointment.