6 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home Against Thieves

6 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home Against Thieves

Thieves are smart opportunists. They will take every chance to break into your house and steal valuable items. Burglaries are common even in gated communities. That is why homeowners must take steps to prevent them. Start with the following tips.

Secure All Points of Entry

Keep not only the front door, but the back door, garage door, and windows locked all the time. Thieves target weak entry points so don’t give them a reason to intrude your house. Inspect every entryway before leaving and sleeping at night.

Check For Broken Locks

An old doorknob or faulty lock mechanism puts your home at risk. According to a company that offers garage door repair in Wilmington, Delaware, it is ideal to align doors and change locks every two years to ensure their condition from differing weathers and extensive use.

Regularly Collect the Mail

A mailbox full of uncollected letters shows that nobody is home. Thieves like that and will take it as an opportunity to rob your house. Prevent this by collecting the mail every day and by asking a trusted neighbor to do it when you’re on vacation.

Invest in Alarms and Security Cameras

Alarms and cameras may seem too much, especially if you’re living in a gated community. However, village security can’t always look after your property, so the investment is still well worth the price. Apart from deterring thieves, installing security systems like this ensures the safety of your family.

Leave the Lights On

Burglars typically strike at night. As such, leaving a light on at the front and back of your house will make them think twice about breaking in. You can also invest in a motion sensor lighting system, a spotlight feature that can detect movement even at the darkest corners of your home.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside

Leaving a spare key under the door mat is thoughtful but also dangerous. Let go of this habit and assign a key to every person living in your house instead.