Fresh Restaurant Picks Combine Mexican Flavors and Virginia Flairs

Fresh Restaurant Picks Combine Mexican Flavors and Virginia Flairs

With so many Mexican dishes to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming when the time to choose that one restaurant finally comes.

The good news is you can always break down your choices into types of restaurants to make sure you get served that dream stuffed chorizo your dorm-mate gave you as a welcome gift or those fun-to-eat pinwheels you tried in a cantina.

Good Old Mexican Restaurants

Some folks also call them old-school Mexican, which refers to restaurants serving your favorite tacos, burritos and elote prepared the traditional way – overloaded, smothered with salsa and just simply the bomb!

While traditional, there is always a fresh twist, such as an Abuela dish of the day and a refreshing mug of beer or a pitcher of margarita – on the house. Truly homey!

Modern Mexican Restaurants

For those who crave for the familiar sight of rich stews, sauces and bread but prefer another level of excitement to it, modern Mexican restaurants will give you just that with an adventurous fusion of other cuisines beyond the usual Tex-Mex, such as Southern American, Mediterranean or Persian touches.

Think tortilla chip baskets and a variety of hummus, ground lamb fajitas or curried jalapeno stew.

Mexican Cafes

Want your fill of Mexican flavors but only in quick bites and small plates? Head to one of them Mexican cafes, which are part-diner (think Mexican burger bites and jalapeno fries) and part Cantina (with botanas or appetizers but minus the long list of alcoholic drinks). They serve an array of Mexican coffee and other beverages.

Mexican Vegan Restaurants

Surprise! Mexican food and healthy eating can actually go well together. There are some emerging Mexican restaurants here in Virginia serving healthier, lighter and vegan (even paleo) versions of Mexican dishes using whole-food ingredients.

Think cauliflower rice, bean quesadillas, and sweet corn nachos with some butternuts squash cheese to go with it.

Whether it’s a simple takeout from a pop-up restaurant in one of the many Virginia music festivals, a long table affair in a Cinco de Mayo event or an elaborate sit-down meal in a fine dining hub, Mexican fares surely satisfy.