Funeral Planning Guide: Why It’s Important To Plan Now

Funeral Planning Guide: Why It’s Important To Plan Now

Funeral planning is in the least of many people’s concern before and up to date. Besides the fact that it’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss with loved ones, people also think that there are more important things to deal with in life than prepare for own death:

Why Plan Your Funeral

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information, millions of people in the U.S. make funeral arrangements ahead of time. And they have made a good decision. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll make your wishes known. Right after your death, your family and relatives will have to make decisions for you, such as where you will be buried or whether your remains will be scattered or not. The tension is high, and misunderstandings among family members may arise during this time. However, you can avoid this when you let them know your wishes ahead of time.
  2. Manage more than 100 decisions beforehand. The family and relatives have to make about 150 decisions within 48 hours after your passing. They can deal with all these troubles while emotionally bothered or they can grieve with their family with peace of mind with a funeral plan.
  3. Less to zero financial burdens. The price of a funeral service in Roy and other places in the state increases almost every year. If you don’t get a funeral service ready, then your family could end up spending twice or thrice as much when the day comes. Sadly, your insurance may not be of any help until after all the services are rendered. Note that funeral services must be paid up front.

Preplanning Funeral Tips

Preplanning is a bunch of complicated decisions, so don’t get lost in the process. Start with the basics — like asking yourself if you want your remains to be cremated or buried and where. Decide who will be in charge of certain things and write all these on paper. Distribute a copy to each family member if possible.

Many funeral service options are around the state. Decide whether you are going to prepay all the cost or a part of it. If you’re paying in full, know if the provider issues a refund in case of a termination of contract or if the company is insured in case the business goes out. Lastly, check the policies on funeral pre-planning in your area since they’re different in every state.

Planning your funeral may sound scary, but it indeed is a wise decision. In fact, it is a decision you make for your family, which can save them from emotional and financial burden in the future and give everyone peace of mind.