The Secret to a Straighter Smile

The Secret to a Straighter Smile

Many people long to correct crooked, overcrowded or widely spaced teeth. So many are familiar with feeling disappointed with their appearance or embarrassed about smiling. Many adults would love to enhance their looks but are not keen to have corrective treatment as they associate it with ugly metal appliances. Social and professional situations generally feel more relaxed if people are not worrying about whether others can see that they are wearing braces. Fortunately, having clear braces in Harley Street mean that straighter teeth are very achievable, without the world needing to know about it.

What are the advantages?

For many years, the only option for realigning teeth was traditional metal braces, which were often uncomfortable and difficult to get used to as well as being slow and unsightly. For many people, including patients at the Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, clear braces have provided a fast, effective and gentler solution to the problem of misaligned teeth. They are also, as their name suggests, very discreet. This means that people having treatment can carry on with everyday life without feeling self-conscious. They are also removeable for eating, cleaning or special occasions so fit into most lifestyles easily. Straighter teeth are more attractive and contribute to good oral health as they are easier to clean.

What can having clear braces in Harley Street offer?

Hundreds of people have been really pleased with the results they have obtained using clear braces. Harley Street patients have benefitted from a system called Invisalign which consists of a series of individually made clear plastic aligners. These are changed every two weeks to gently guide the teeth into the correct position. The new set may feel slightly tight to begin with but this shows that they are working correctly. Overall, the process is very comfortable as the aligners are made of smooth plastic and do not rub. A 3D computer simulation ensures that the aligners are exactly the right shape and also allows patients to see what the end results might be in advance. Having a more beautiful smile, better oral health and improved confidence could be within reach with clear braces in Harley Street.