How Important Is Dental Hygiene?

Girl Having her Dental Checkup

Dental hygiene is an extremely important aspect of dentistry and is regarded as the ultimate preventive measure to keep your oral health in the best condition possible.

Many dentists will tell their patients that the most important dentistry work is done outside of the dental practice. If you can maintain a good level of oral hygiene daily and visit a quality dental practice, such as RP Advanced Dental, then your trips to the dentist in NW3are more likely to be quicker and ideally trouble-free.

It is important that your dentist in NW3 keeps you informed about just how important your dental health is. If you are not looking after your teeth, then this could lead to tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause toothache, at the very least, and most of us would do anything to avoid that.

Poor dental health can also cause many other problems. It can lead to halitosis, gum disease, teeth failure and gingivitis. There is also some scientific evidence to suggest that people with poor dental health could be more likely to suffer from other physical conditions, such as heart problems. Surely regular brushing and flossing should be easierto do if you know there’s a chance you can avoid problems with your heart because of it!

When Should My Child See a Dentist?

It is very important that children gain a positive association with their dentist in NW3 from an early age, with check-ups recommended from when they first get their milk teeth.

Avoiding giving children unnecessary sugar is a good way to establish healthy eating patterns to protect a child’s teeth for life. Milk and water are the only drinks that are recommend be put into a baby’s bottle.

Ideally babies should be introduced to a feeding cup as soon as possible and any fruit juice given to children should be diluted and given in a cup. It is also recommended to restrict juices to mealtimes only. If the child tends to snack between meals it is best to avoid sweets and biscuits as much as possible to keep their oral hygiene tip-top.