Is this the best of all dental advances?

Is this the best of all dental advances?

Ask any dentist what the best advance in dentistry has been in say the last 30 years and they may take a while to answer, there have been so many techniques and advances in materials and equipment. Ask any patient under 40 and they will probably cite some form of cosmetic dentistry. Ask anyone who has lost a tooth or two and they will almost undoubtedly talk about dental implants. In North London, dental implants have revolutionised tooth restoration, and also played a big part in bringing sedation for nervous dental patients to the fore.

This is because, even though implant surgery is no more painful than a root canal or extraction, and so only requires a local anaesthetic, it has a perhaps undeservedly fearsome reputation. But that’s the thing with fear, it’s an uncontrollable bodily reaction, and telling someone not to be afraid doesn’t do a whole lot to quell their unease. Anyone looking for dental implants in North London who knows that they are likely to feel anxious about the surgery, would do well to check out several dentists, such as Adams Dental, to find out about their implant skills and what they do for nervous dental patients.

Dealing with Anxiety

Dentists can now train in ways to help patients relax, and those who have done so appreciate how important the environment inside the clinic is. The waiting room needs to be calm and welcoming, spacious, bright, and comfy. There are often flowers and calming nature pictures on the walls, as well as comfy sofas to sink into and stuff to do to take the mind off things, some even have colouring books for adults.

The dentist will know that forming a good working relationship, with plenty of listening as well as informing, makes for a relaxed patient. Breaks built into long treatments help, as do signs that inform the dentist that the patient needs a break.

Some offer hypnosis and coaching and nearly all offer sedation, either oral or intravenous.

There really is no reason for fear to prevent patients from having dental implants in North London, it’s a case of finding the right dentist for treatment.