Utilizing Employee Head-shots for Company Branding

Utilizing Employee Head-shots for Company Branding

Business head-shots have a huge potential to market a company. They show a dignified front and reveal to the public what the company culture is like. They are concrete and visual examples of the image that a company hopes to achieve.

In Salt Lake City, many growing companies stand to benefit from brand-central business head-shots taken by a professional photographer. If you are one of those business owners, consider the two examples below.

Giving a Company a Face and Character

The head-shot of a CEO can serve as the face of a company. Take Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, for instance.

Zuckerberg represents a company that promotes connectivity among people regardless of age, language or location. Some of his business head-shots follow the conventional dark background with back lighting. He is, however, usually wearing a t-shirt. He also has this huge grin on his face. In a single glance, the public gets the casual, modern, and “open” vibe from him and his company.

Wintour, on the other hand, is the epitome of sophistication in her business head-shots. In some, only her head and shoulders are visible, and yet she exudes authority and a hint of haughtiness that’s perfect for her position in the fashion world. Other head-shots of hers are precisely staged to reflect her influence in the industry: behind a desk in a posh office. It cements her status, and Vogue’s, as fashion authorities.

Displaying a Company Image in Numbers

A single photo of a business owner or senior officer can set the tone for company branding. Head-shots of a large portion of a company’s workforce, if done in the same fashion, can make it official.

This is a theme in law practices, pediatric dentistry, and IT companies, for example. Lawyers and their staff wear formal business attire, fold their arms in front and stand before a plain white or black background to manifest authority. In pediatric dental clinics, the staff may have the same set-up but with bigger and more amiable smiles on their faces. IT companies, on the other hand, sometimes use props to emphasize their young, wacky, and tech-savvy workforce.

Company head-shots, from its CEO down to its rank and file, will give the public insight on what a company is like; and inversely, a company can utilize them to promote the image it wants to project.