UK Eyes Deposit-Return Initiative To Solve Plastic Bottle Crisis

UK Eyes Deposit-Return Initiative To Solve Plastic Bottle Crisis

Money is a great incentive. In fact, the UK government believes that it can use cash as a motivation for people to start disposing of their plastic bottle waste properly. England is, after all, currently tackling a plastic bottle crisis. The deposit-return scheme could reduce the number of plastic bottles; countries like Germany and Australia are already using such a method and have seen outstanding results.

The Worldwide Plastic Binge is as Dangerous as Climate Change

The demand for plastic bottles translates to customers buying 20,000 bottles every second. Experts predict that the annual consumption of plastic bottles will top half a trillion by 2021. As a result, the worldwide plastic binge poses a serious risk to coastlines and marine environments.

The rise of water bottle consumption shows the spread of a Westernised ‘on-the-go’ culture. As individuals fail to throw their used plastic bottles in the right places, however, they end up in landfills or the ocean, where animals could ingest them. Eventually, the overabundance of plastic refuse will make their way into the human food chain and lead to adverse health effects.

Boosting Recycling Rates for Plastic Bottles

Shifting to a circular economy for plastics is a huge opportunity to save billions and reduce plastic pollution in oceans around the country. The drinks giant Cola-Cola has recently launched a sustainable packaging strategy, which includes increasing the amount of recyclable plastic in its bottles and testing an on-the-go bottle collection and reward programme.

The money-back scheme is the easiest way to encourage citizens to mind the disposal of their plastic bottles. With a plastic bottle deposit return scheme, people can save the planet and earn money at the same time. With huge corporations taking a step forward in combating the plastic bottle crisis, believes there is hope in encouraging businesses to turn to waste management solutions and uphold sustainability in their operations.

The deposit-return initiative holds promise. Hopefully, it can promote the initiative to practice proper waste disposal without any incentive.