Celebrating Life: The Different Ways to Personalize a Funeral Service

Celebrating Life: The Different Ways to Personalize a Funeral Service

The life of your loved one might have ended, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t enjoy the life they once lived. Celebrate how they influenced your life and others by customizing their memorial service. You can start by personalizing the quote on their headstones in West Valley City or invite their favorite band to play their life anthem. Show the world how much they mean to you by adding a touch of their personality. Here are some of the other ideas you can employ:

A Passionate Resting Space

If your loved one was once artistic, consider uniquely-shaped caskets. If they were a painter, get someone to paint or print a replica of Van Gogh’s famous works. If they loved arts and crafts, shower their casket with laces, glitter, or anything you know that resembles them. If they love photography, print and stick some of their beautiful shots in their casket. You can even ask your relatives and closest friends to write personal messages on their casket.

The possibilities are endless. As long as you highlight their hobbies, personalities, and passion, then you won’t make any mistake with your choices.

A Photo Memory Lane

Instead of a huge photo of your loved one, why not create a whole gallery of the life they once lived? Include all the milestones they achieved when they were a child until they grew up. You can even add photos of their friends, their travel memories, or even their past relationships. They were once a part of your loved one’s life, so it would also help them grieve and say goodbye by seeing their past happy memories together. You can enlarge their photos like a real photo exhibit, develop a slideshow, or even manually create a collage.

Memorial services don’t have to be depressing. Celebrate the life your loved one has lived on a more positive and personalized way through the above ideas.