A Brief Look at the Future of Surveillance

A Brief Look at the Future of Surveillance

Surveillance technology is an integral part of modern security measures. Modern CCTV cameras proved to be integral in maintaining public and private safety. As such, surveillance device installation is also a booming business. Here’s what several experts and major industry players expect in the security monitoring arena:

Ultra High Definition

Ultra HD (aka 4K) is currently dominating the field of digital media. Video games, streaming platforms, and every other similar field seem to tout 4K (alluding to over 4,000 pixels of screen resolution, equivalent to four 1080p or full HD frames). High resolution means clearer, sharper pictures, which could be very beneficial for surveillance technology. It would be easier to identify persons of interest even from great distances, and it would be up to face recognition software to do the rest of the work.

Modern 4K cameras already exist. They use technologies such as 12.1-megapixel sensors which vastly outperform lesser cameras. It allows operators to zoom in on a sharper picture. Furthermore, they provide higher video frame rates which can be beneficial for those who need greater detail. In the future, you can expect higher-resolution cameras that consume less energy and resources for better efficiency.

Invisibility Cloaks

It’s a fact that surveillance cameras aren’t discreet. They’re most often bulky and easy to spot. But soon, cameras may become ‘invisible’ — or rather, better camouflaged. Wildlife documentarists already use technologies like this, employing cameras that look like animals. Cameras that look like insects are also already in development, as per a team from the University of California-Berkeley. And if insects might be too obvious, even smaller drones — some as small as several millimetres in diameter — are on the design table.

With the way technology advances day by day, the future of surveillance (and security in general) looks bright.