Developing a Content Strategy that Matters

Chalk board with written breakdown of content strategyDigital marketing has many executions or legs that can make your brand more recognizable. These include SEO, reputation management, and social media marketing. The common denominator of these three methods is their dependence on content.

The adage “Content is king” will always ring true for digital marketers and brand specialists. As such, a big part of your campaign should be dedicated to content. This means you need to develop a sound content strategy.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some pointers from a reliable digital marketing agency in Denver, Seoriot.

Get customer insights

Content should be useful and relatable. It should resonate with your client. So before crafting your blogs, social media posts, and meta descriptions, you need to get insights from your customers—from what they like to what they are talking about. These insights will help you find the right topics that your customers can relate to. That way, your content can become great conversation starters.

Create your voice

Relatability is a big thing here, so make sure that you talk the way your customers talk. You need to develop your brand voice. The best way to do it is by tracking the conversation of your followers. Click through the hashtags they are using or use analytics to see what your followers are talking about.

Plot your themes

Your content must have themes, whether it’s social media posts or blog. Variety in content will keep your customers coming back to your site or page. These content themes must be educational, entertaining, and engaging. You may post trivia, start games, or initiate contests.

Your content strategy must be engaging and consistent so that your customers will always have a reason to come back. Other than working with reliable strategists, you must also work with skilled copywriters and community managers.