How to Organize an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

How to Organize an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

Outdoor weddings are nothing new, but today they are receiving more positive reviews. There are simply more options, and they don’t even have to be grand or expensive to be remarkable.

You probably already have a few ideas on how to set up your wedding, but these ideas can give you more options for a simple yet beautiful outdoor celebration.

Don’t forget to follow the rules

Doing your wedding in your backyard can probably free you from a lot of restrictions, but even if it’s your home, you still must find out if you need a permit from local authorities or associations. If you’re doing it at a local park, you have to secure a permit for that and observe certain rules, particularly about serving alcohol.

Consider what children want

You probably have plenty of good things lined up for the adults, but if you are allowing children to your wedding you should also consider their needs. For example, you can have a wine bar for the adults, and for the kids, Grand Rapids Popcorn Company suggests something enjoyable like a popcorn bar. Wedding setups like this are not costly and they can keep the little ones occupied, in a delicious and delightful way.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)

You may also try this strategy and party hack to lower your costs on alcohol. You will still likely have to get a permit for the alcoholic drinks, though.

Don’t forget about the weather

Check the weather for that day to make sure it’s sunny and comfortable enough. But all the same, be prepared. Bring out some scarves, blankets, and umbrellas that guests can use if it gets cold or starts to rain. Place them on benches near the guests or at the entrance. You can also fill buckets with hand fans, and packets of sunscreen and bug repellent lotion. If you’re using candles, choose citronella candles to help repel mosquitoes.

A simple mini stereo may do

You still need a microphone to let your guests hear your vows. If you don’t want to spend money on audio equipment, use your mini stereo. It can also do double duty as the music player during the reception. Your cousins or friends may also want to perform an acoustic session.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a successful outdoor wedding. Try these suggestions and keep your special day within budget.