Prepare for 2017’s Hunting Season

Prepare for 2017’s Hunting Season

Hunting season is now drawing near in Michigan, and for many hunting enthusiasts, it is time to prepare the proper gear and equipment. For beginners, hunting equipment websites such as suggest that it is best to know the rules and regulations to keep you and other hunters safe and ensure a great hunting season.

Get a license

Michigan’s hunting license laws changed in 2014.  Michigan residents, veterans, and retirees can take advantage of discounts and other benefits. Non-residents could also apply for hunting licenses but must obtain a higher-priced base license. There is a season for hunting big game and small game, so check the calendar for the appropriate hunting season.

Practice shooting

Before you go hunting, ensure that you are comfortable with your crossbow, firearm, bow and arrow, or anything else that you intend to use. Apply for organized shooting classes if you need a refresher. Learn about the rules of gun and weapon safety and live by them. It’s best to have your first shot in the shooting-range than in the woods.

Choose your prey

In Michigan as in other states, there are designated areas and seasons for hunting. Choose what kind of animal you would like to hunt. Big game hunting includes moose, elk, and deer. Small game hunters look for grouse, rabbit, turkey, and even water fowl. However, you might need to pay extra license fees (apart from the base license) to hunt for specific game.

Gear up

Gear for a beginner hunter should be simple. Your gear also depends whether you plan to hunt big game or small game. Regulations also apply when it comes to firearms, so always check with local hunting laws to know which weapons are acceptable.

Hunting is a hobby that requires skill, dedication, and discipline. For the right equipment, visit hunting shops in Michigan for the proper guidance and information on outdoor hobbies.