Help Your Employees Prepare for Police Checks with 3 Actionable Tips

Help Your Employees Prepare for Police Checks with 3 Actionable Tips

Conducting police checks for existing and potential employees is just one of a company’s risk mitigation strategies. It is the responsibility of the business owner to protect fellow employees, clients and the company’s reputation from individuals who are potential threats. While police checks are for the general good of every business in South Australia, carelessly conducting police checks can create an environment of fear at the workplace.

So, how do you conduct a national police check and not interfere with the positive and warm environment at your organisation in SA? These three strategies will be of great help.

Set an Open Door Policy

An open door policy is critical in creating a positive culture of welcoming new operations in workplaces. Your employees will automatically feel safe to approach you with information of a criminal record. Most likely, the department leaders under your leadership will emulate your leadership style.

It is important you encourage discussions with your employees about their criminal history, and how that would connect to roles at work.

Get a Premeditated Written Policy

For your current employees, have a written plan that explains the reason for undergoing the police check. The written policy will help the employees to view the police check as a safety precaution, and to understand your risk-mitigating motive clearly. A written plan makes your request for the police certificate to appear less personal and confronting to your employees.

Explain the Requirement of Police Check with Sensitivity

For potential employees in SA, make a national police check a requirement during the recruitment process. For your current employees, explain that the police check is an organisational requirement for the proper running of your company. You might, however, need to assure your employees of the confidentiality of their police check reports, and that every decision will be with their consent.

This personal exchange with them before conducting the police check will create a positive environment at the workplace.

Police checks are an excellent way to confirm the credibility of your employees. However, these police checks can cause a lot of anxiety and mistrust in the workplace. Communicate effectively to your employees and explain your motives clearly, so they do not feel as if you are invading their privacy.