Metrics to Determine Campaign Performance

Metrics to Determine Campaign Performance

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One of the key factors of success is the ability to measure the performance of campaigns. With advancements in technology, data gathering and algorithms, it is now easier to monitor the performance of online marketing campaigns.

An expert on SEO services from Denver cites the following metrics that enable you to determine the success or failure of each campaign you execute.

Ability to Generate Traffic

Traffic is both a misleading and effective metric to gauge; it’s the former if you don’t know what type of visits your site gets and it’s the latter once you break down the clicks into details. To get a clearer perspective of the effectiveness of a campaign using website traffic as a measurement tool, look at the numbers of your landing pages. The number of hits a page gets allows you to determine how well a campaign is doing. The number should be rising or at least maintaining a certain level, whether they are repeat visitors or unique ones.

Web Conversions

Tracking the conversions of your pages allows you to get a big picture of how successful a campaign is. These shows the number of leads generated, visitors turned customers, and repeat visitors looking to buy more products and services. Nurture a lead further down the buying funnel if they have yet to make a purchase, maybe a promotion or discount will convince them to finally click the checkout button.

Advert Impressions

Ad impressions indicate how and if your ads are appearing on search results of the right people. It can also tell you if there is something wrong with a campaign, especially if your keywords are too specific or too general, resulting in low or too many impressions. The right copy, set of search terms and visuals improve the possibility of a conversion rather than just someone seeing it.

These are some of the metrics to monitor if you want to determine the success (or failure) of your campaign. Keep these numbers in mind when you plan and execute your online marketing strategies.