Home Theater: Build the Perfect Theater Experience

Home Theater: Build the Perfect Theater Experience

In years past, a home theater was an experience reserved for the wealthy. In some cases, a home theater is an investment for those who work in the movies and television.

Whether you are working in an industry that requires hours and hours of watching movies, an enthusiast (cinephile), or are just looking for a better audiovisual entertainment experience without having to leave the comforts of your home, building a home theater is the answer.

Here is how to set up your theater at home:

Decide on where you want to build the theater

Your basement is probably your first option, but it can also be your attic or a spare bedroom. Ideally, you need a 20×13-foot space or thereabouts. One more consideration is that it should be isolated from the rest of your home so that it does not interfere with regular home living and vice versa.

Insulate the area

You do not want other members of your household complaining about the booming sounds coming from a Transformers movie you are watching, so build the shell with special consideration for insulation. Find out more about the insulation you need, such as a rating of R30 for the exterior wall, floor, and the ceiling.

Get help with the sound system

This is a huge part of the experience, so if you are clueless about how to place your sound system, which you should ask to wire, get some help from a professional. A good surround sound system is a 7.1 channel system. That means you have seven speakers and a sub woofer. Find out where to place each.

Choose a good TV or a projector

If you have the budget, pick a large widescreen TV from a known brand like Sony, LG, or Samsung. You do not need a curved display. You can still have the same level of enjoyment with a flat screen for much less money.

Install some good seating

You can just throw some cushions in there, but that would not mimic a real cinema experience. For more enjoyment, get some real theater seating from a professional seller. Two rows of four seats each are perfect for a room that is 20×13 feet.

A home theater is a great investment if you enjoy the full movie experience without having to leave home. It is perfect for family time, and even for entertaining guests.