Promotion Statistics Every Veterinarian Should Know

Promotion Statistics Every Veterinarian Should Know

Promotional products are some of the oldest forms of advertising and marketing strategies still in use today. Although their primary function is to build brand awareness and recognition, numerous studies have also found that they significantly increase conversation rate and sales, while also establishing loyalty in existing customers.

Best of all, anyone who wishes to advertise and reap these benefits can take advantage of them. This means that you can use them for your veterinary practice. To further maximize your return on investment, you should consider adding custom veterinary promotional products in the mix.

How These Advertising and Marketing Tools Impact a Brand

Research shows that promotional gifts have a considerable positive effect on brands and their sales. These studies proved the strong link between advertising through promotional products and increased brand recognition, awareness, sales, and overall RoI.

Key Findings of These Studies

According to the study, as much as 66% of participating consumers said that they have a recollection of the brand because of the promotional item they received in the past year. Also, comparing the RoI promotional products delivered with those of outdoor advertising and radio, the former fared better. Researchers have also found that the RoI from these items equals those of print and TV.

Also, 56% of the participants claimed that their impression of the brand improved after they received a promotional item.
79% of the respondents also said that they most likely would do business with the company that gave them the promotional item.

Improving Your Bottom Line with These Tools

As you can see, promotional products indeed have a seriously positive effect on consumers and their behavior. For any veterinary practice, you should start investing in custom promotional products to improve your veterinary practice’s bottom line.