Taking Beautiful Photos of Your Online Listings

Product PhotographyOnline selling has taken the world by storm. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to set up their accounts, it’s cheaper than renting out a physical space, and it’s accessible for even the smallest of brands. (You can start selling with just one product). In surveys across the board, the inclusion of professional-looking photos not only improves the chances of making a sale but also helps your product fetch a higher price.

In this article, you can find tips to help you to take stunning photos of your products. There is no need to spend a fortune to rent out a studio and hire the hottest photographer in town. Being savvy and looking after a few details can yield results that are just as good.

Choosing the Right Camera

Modern smartphones can rival actual cameras in their ability to take great pictures. Choose the highest-quality camera you have. Don’t assume that a point-and-shoot is always better than a smartphone. The iPhone you have now may take better photos than a digital camera from 5 or 6 years ago.

Befriend the Lovely Sun

There is no need to invest in expensive lighting. Sunlight can be the best light for photos, and it’s free. You can set up your studio indoors if your room has a large window or you can set up an outdoor studio. The caveat: if you are relying on sunlight, your studio will have to shut down at nightfall.

Use Fabric and Paper Backgrounds

Remove distractions by using fabric or sheets of paper as a background for your photos. Choose non-glossy materials that absorb the light and don’t add glare to the photos. Don’t stick with white; choose colours that will make your products pop.

Skip the Filter

The rule of thumb is to take photos of the entire product, the details (i.e. the ingredients, specifications, texture) and add a lifestyle shot of the product while in use. Injection moulded detailing like medallions on the packaging pack a premium punch, so take a photo of these too. You can crop and resize the photos or make changes to levels of brightness afterward. Skip the heavier filters. Keeping it real is important.

Great product images are important for every online listing. One advantage that brick and mortar stores have over online alternatives is the physical contact that is possible between product and consumer. With the right photos, you can give your prospective buyers a great perspective that can allay any hesitation they may have.