Modern Technology and Luxury Branding: The Sky is the Limit

Modern Technology and Luxury Branding: The Sky is the Limit

Wine with a luxury packageDesigners of packaging used to find themselves constrained by the technologies or processes of manufacturers. Modern technologies, however, have given designers a sense of freedom to create packaging designs that elevate luxury brands to new levels.

3D Embellishments

Texture and dimensionality become tangible with injection moulding. This process involves creating moulds and injecting melted plastic into the mould cavity. Intricate three-dimensional accessories can be added to custom luxury packaging because of this process.

A great example is the faux wax seal for Ted Baker’s home fragrances. Cities around the world inspire Ted Baker’s fragrances, and the brand has found a way to convey that in its packaging. Each of the brand’s textured ceramic vases dons a colourful 3D seal stating the city they represent. Working with Signet branding, Ted Baker created seals like the pink Miami seals for its star apple and passion fruit fragrance and a green Athens seals for their fig and olive scented products.

Regal Ornamentations

Designers can have a high level of precision and embellishment flexibility by using die-casting. Die casting is similar to injection moulding except that instead of plastic; molten metal is injected into a steel mould. This process also allows materials such as ribbons and leather to be combined with the die-casted material.

One of Jack Daniel’s limited edition designs has a gold coin attached to the bottle. This was achieved by die-casting metal into the shape of a coin, then giving the coin a gold plating and an antique effect. Another example, which won an award in the worldwide packaging competition Pentawards, is Cavoda Vodka’s packaging. It was enclosed in a light-emitting chrome bottle and was embellished with a crisp medallion that gave a premium platinum feel.

It is now possible for brands to better create luxury branding with product embellishment. Getting the right packaging for products is just a case of finding manufacturers to make designers’ designs come to life.