What Fits Where: Choosing the Right Storage Size

Storage FacilityRenting a storage area is very convenient. You can have more stuff without having to cram everything in your home. It also offers a secure space to store belongings if you’re currently renovating.

It seems uncomplicated, but there are different factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect storage space. Bondstoragesb.com in Santa Barbara, for example, offers 5×5, 5×10, and 10×20 sizes for their customers, depending on their needs. So which size should you get?

Miscellaneous and One-Bedroom Items

A 5×5 unit is 25 square feet of space. Although it’s quite small, it’s perfect for your miscellaneous items like seasonal decorations, garden tools, and office supplies. The 5×10 unit, which offers 50 square feet of space, meanwhile, can usually store all the items in an average bedroom, making it ideal for when you’re renovating your room.

Family-Sized Belongings

A 10×10 storage unit can store your living room and two full bedrooms, which includes king-size mattresses and larger appliances. A 10×15 unit, on the other hand, accommodates the contents of three bedrooms. You can also keep your pianos, couches, tables, and other larger items comfortably in the space.

Full-House Sizes

If you’re looking to store the entire content of your home, the 10×20 storage unit is ideal for you. It can hold five bedrooms’ worth of stuff and large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Meanwhile, the 10×30 unit has 300 square feet of space and has the size capacity of a seven-bedroom house. You can temporarily move beds, a couch, and other large furniture in it. It can also hold a large vehicle or even a small boat, although you’d have to check with the facility personnel if they have the necessary features to keep a full-sized vehicle in storage.

When it comes to choosing a storage unit, size does matter. List down the items you’re planning to move and estimate the size they would require. Better yet, you can call the storage facility in advance and ask them if what size best fits your needs.