Increased Productivity and Other Benefits of a Better Office Design

Some offices today have caught up with the fact that physical space affects employee happiness and productivity. These offices have taken steps to create workplaces comparable to Google’s outrageous global headquarters. Whilst open plan, hot-desking, and other trends have pushed entrepreneurs to improve their work environment, many businesses still invest little in great office design.

Aspect Commercial Interiors shares some insights about office design and its impact on employee productivity, health and morale.

Real Effects of Office Redesign

Why do you need an office redesign? A recent survey revealed that natural light allows workers to be more comfortable at the office, facilitating increased productivity. Meanwhile, the British Council of Offices discovered that productivity increased by 23% when businesses replace bad office furniture. Other discoveries revealed that workers feel more valued, feel less stressed, and become happier with the presence of plants, creative pieces, and colourful items in the office.

Affects the Brain

You have several trends and alternatives to choose from that you may be confused as to what your workers will love. Instead of following trends, you can design a space that will affect your employees’ brains positively. For example, you can incorporate play and art into your office design. Use lively or stimulating colours for your walls, ceilings and floors.

Space and Nature

You can start with a design that maximises space and uses natural elements, such as timber, plants and others. Such elements can make your workers feel more inspired and less stressed.

Open and Private Areas

When you hear maximised space, you may think of an open plan. Open plan spaces may or may not work for you. This trend fosters noise and a sense of being watched. Your workers may feel distracted in such an environment. To remedy this, you can have an open plan area as well as more private areas where workers can do more serious work.

When redesigning your office in Melbourne, it is ideal to work with a commercial interior design company. With a worker-focused office design, your company may just enjoy increased productivity and many other benefits. You will be happy that you chose to redesign your space.