Easy Steps towards Your Own Backyard Skatepark

Easy Steps towards Your Own Backyard Skatepark

In the world of skateboarding, you encounter many names of people that all strive to reach the top. You may have heard one name — Manny Santiago. He placed in the top three of the 2012 X Games and became a part of the Street League Skateboarding “premiere competitive series”. All the success he has achieved allowed him to create a backyard skatepark in his LA home.

Skatepark at Home

You can have a skatepark from OC Ramps of your own even as an amateur skateboarder. You simply need to invest time, effort, and money into the project, and you can make it a reality. Here is a short guide to help you out in your backyard skatepark plans.

Funding First

First, you need funding. You can get funding from your parents if you are still a kid. Adults with good paying jobs, however, can obtain financing by saving up or by getting a personal loan. You can set a budget as well to prevent overspending.

Check Laws and Land Next

You can next check your zoning legislation to see if you can legally construct a backyard skatepark. You can also start looking at your yard if it can support a skatepark. You will have an easier time with flat land; uneven land can only increase your expenses.

Plan Your Park Third

The third step just includes the planning of your park. You can hire a skatepark builder for help. The builder can take your ideas and draft them into concrete plans. Meanwhile, you can also gather materials, tools, and labor.

Construct Fourth

Now comes the construction. You can have ramps ordered or custom made. You can install a round skate rail or some other grindable component. You can pitch ideas to your builder, and he can make sure the best ideas turn into reality.

Remember Safety

As fun as a backyard skatepark project sounds, you still need to promote safety in all aspects. You need safety for the construction. You also need safety once you skateboard in your new backyard skatepark.

With these steps, your skatepark dream will be in reach.