How Can You Improve Video Marketing Engagement?

How Can You Improve Video Marketing Engagement?

Online Video MarketingVideo marketing is a method that has increased in use recently; more and more brands are relying on this technique to reach their audiences. However, like most strategies, simply uploading a video will not necessarily translate into more likes, shares or comments. According to a promotional video production company implementing certain ways improves engagement of your videos.

The Thumbnail Matters

A simple yet attractive thumbnail can make a huge difference; it can improve engagement by a whopping 154%.  BuzzFeed uses attention-grabbing headlines to pique a potential reader’s curiosity and improve their click-throughs because of the thumbnails. YouTube is much like a search engine but has facets of social media platforms. And when someone searches for a video there is a thumbnail that displays a snippet of it.

The thumbnail a person sees improves the odds of clicking on it and watching. However, simply having one won’t be enough. The ideal approach is to customize one; this automatically makes you unique, create one that your audience may appreciate and watch your clicks increase.

Short and Sweet

A common mistake of many brands is they fill one video with too much information. This lengthens it and may cause a viewer to zone out and click the back button. Long videos won’t get as much engagement as shorter ones. You want to keep the attention of a visitor, not bore them with details they don’t want to hear. Keep videos under two minutes, make the script concise and precise using at least three defined points.

Optimize for SEO

SEO matters when it comes to improving video engagement always add the keywords in the tags, description and title because these make it easier for search engines to index your content. Put a call to action whether it is to share or like your page to engage a viewer.

These are proven ways to improve the engagement of your published videos. Doing so allows you to increase click through and conversion rates.