Take Care of Your Followers: The Basics of Community Management

Take Care of Your Followers: The Basics of Community Management

Social Media MarketingOther than building a website, buying online media space, and implementing promos, social media marketing completes your digital marketing campaign. Many business people think that this aspect is just about posting promotions and status captions. In reality, it’s more than that; it’s also about interaction and forming a relationship. This is why it’s important that you invest in community management.

Below are just some of the tips about community management from a reliable company specializing in social media marketing in California:

The Right Voice

One of the most significant concerns you need to keep in mind is the voice of your brand. The posts should reflect the voice of the brand. To guide your community manager, you may hand him your brand bible where it is stated how the brand is going to talk to the community members. If you have no brand book, try to personify the brand and imagine how it’s going to look and sound.

The Engagement

Your posts should not just be limited to promos and product pushes. You need to come up with materials that will engage your followers. You can come up with mini games and give away tokens or small prizes. For your followers to relate, you can post memes, although you’d want to be careful when it comes to this.

The Measurement

Before you execute your content plan or anything in your social media playbook, you need first to set goals. These goals are important, as they will serve as your reference when gauging whether your campaign has been successful or not. Make your goals specific and anchored on your branding and sales. That way, your online marketing goals will be in line with your objectives when implementing plans using a traditional platform.

Community management is an important aspect of your social media marketing. As such, it just makes sense that you work with reliable community managers, brand strategists, and copywriters.