SEO Practices that Will Get You Ahead

Learning about SEO practices in Calgary Search engine strategies and algorithms are constantly changing; you need to adapt to stay on top of your niche. Experts that focus on SEO services in Calgary all agree that implementing certain practices allow you to gain or regain competitive advantage.

These are some of the ways that allow you to maintain your sole position in your chosen niche.

Understand the Crawl Budget

Website owners must focus on their site’s crawl budget. This is an often overlooked technical aspect of search engine optimization; when brands allow Google and others to index and crawl many web pages, it eats up the crawl budget they have. This has a negative effect on your ranking as search engine unnecessarily index websites that you don’t want to rank. To counter this, include a nofollow/noindex on certain web pages that you don’t want to appear in results pages, some examples include tags or sections of a checkout page.

Topical Depth

Back linking is still an important aspect of any SEO campaign; however, nowadays, it isn’t just about numbers. Running the numbers to as many links as possible is an old school approach, this may still work, but it may negatively affect your results page rank. One way to add a wrinkle to back linking is to go in-depth about a topic, instead of covering as many topics in one piece of content, be more specific. Doing so allows you to get high quality and high ranking links to your post and/or website. You also build authority and relevancy in your niche, which may make you the go-to source for people looking for information or more details.

Identify the Right Influencers

Word-of-mouth is still a powerful and influential advertising approach; it has changed a bit in the digital age. You have to look for influencers who share the same values as your brand and are willing to represent you. They already have their own networks, making it easy for you to enter certain market segments.

These are just a handful of SEO practices that allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your chosen niche and enable you to boost profits.