Kick-Starting Your Event Marketing Campaign

Kick-Starting Your Event Marketing Campaign

You’ve booked the venue, set the date, and prepared the decor. Now all you need to do is to get people to show up. Worried? Don’t be.

You don’t need superstar endorsements or a large marketing budget to make it all come together. With this blueprint, you can launch your event marketing campaign.

Think ahead.

They say failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In event marketing, that adage rings truer than ever. The best way to start your event marketing campaign is to do careful planning with the help of an expert, according to ULTIMATE EVENTS, INC.

Make sure you’re getting a clear picture of what the audience would look like. Plan your editorial and promotional calendar. And make sure you have enough time to do everything.

Dedicate an event page.

The cornerstone of your campaign should be the event page.

Make it compelling by incorporating all the important details of the event, including the time and the location. Make it easy to navigate, too – nothing is more frustrating for a prospective client than to try searching for important information and being able to find it.

Leverage social media.

You’re already using social media to promote your website and your blog – why not do the same for your event?

Make sure to use top social media sites, and don’t worry about spamming people by sending multiple invites, tweets, and newsletters. Most of them don’t see things the first time you post them.

Reach out through e-mail.

If you have a mailing list, an email marketing blitzkrieg may be your ace.

Also, not everyone is on social media all the time, so e-mail is a great way to keep everyone informed about what’s happening and how to buy tickets to the event. It can also be useful in following up on messages that have been seen on social media but may not have sunk in.

Failed events happen to the best of us. To ensure success, go back to the basics – did you do event marketing effectively?